Monday, 28 January 2013

Notecards on their way to...

Hi. Remember this giveaway post I did on the day this blog was making one year of existence and my daughter was turning 14? Well, today was the draw day.

Set of six cards and envelopes, patterns designed by Bethania Lima, copyright  2012/2013.

I read and cherished all the comments. They all meant a lot to me. It’s good to know that real people are out there reading and having a look at this little place on the blogsphere. I am very grateful  to all of you, very much indeed.

This giveaway prize is the set of 6 notecards shown in the photo above. They were marvelous printed by 4 by 6, in the US, and in fact I had them printed as a result of a Colourlover prize I won ages ago (see here for details).

I printed all the names of commenters from the previous mentioned blospot, had them cut and put on a hat. All documented by the funny pictures below (although charming, the fact that they are in black and white is totally unintentional, just reminding me that I do have to read the camera manual ...). I asked two helpers (the rabbit girl and the mouse girl, names and faces not allowed, because teenagers are very, well, teenagers) to take part in the process: cutting, folding and finally taking a name out of the hat. 
Miss Mouse Helper, photo by B. Lima, 2013.

Miss Rabbit Helper, photo by B. Lima, 2013.
Cutting out the names from the printed list, photo by B. Lima, 2013.
Folding the names, photo by B. Lima, 2013.
Mixing the names, photo by B. Lima, 2013.
Picking up the winner,  photo by B. Lima, 2013.
Reading the name of the winner,  photo by B. Lima, 2013.
And the winner is,  photo by B. Lima, 2013.

And the winner is: Petra Kern. Her name coming out of the hat meant a big coincidence. She had a giveaway on her blog too, beginning two days before my initiative, and today she announced the winner of her giveaway. And my day began today by reading her blogpost and enjoying looking at her helpers and her process. Isn’t it funny? Petra has a marvelous site (here) and I love her work. Like myself, she’s also a surface pattern designer doing what she loves. 

I had lots of fun doing this giveaway and  would like to thank each one of you for making blogging here such a great experience.

Thank you for stopping by.

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  1. I am loving these giveaway draws and the funny pics! Julie