Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Art Every Day Month: 13-nov-2012

"Obluvion",  copyright  Bethania Lima,  2012.
Today I went to a concert of tango: Piano, Bandoneón, Cello, Violino and a singer. Great music. Specially, Piazzola, that I love.

I came back home and decided to look into some drawings, old drawings. The composition above is a visual far cry from the music that was on the air.

"Art Every Day Month" is a challenge created and hosted by Leah Pilken Kolidas, an artist based on Boston. More on the project here and here, where you can find the works of other participants.

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  1. Love the colors & the swirls here. So much energy in the lines!

    I am grateful I found you today via AEDM2012!

  2. Wow, full of expression, feel it here! Love particulary the part left above, beautitul colourede lines!

  3. Fun fun Fun..love love love : ) --Emine

  4. Luv the spontaneity! Thanks for template C also

  5. Maravilhoso, tua caixa de tesouros deve ter ainda muita coisa inexplorada.