Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Cushions for sale

Cushions for sale here and here.
I have cushions for sale now. In fact, for a limited period of time only. Would love to sell a few. Who wouldn’t? For each cushion sold, I receive a small commission. And, as important as that, I might have a product with a print of mine produced. That’s part of another contest I am taking part. 
What do you think of those pillows? The prints have a more urban appeal. I think they would fit a TV room or a modern teen room.  And you? In the future I would love to have some pillows for sale with those florals prints I love making. Something like those pillows featured in the below image, maybe?
"Sweet dreams", mockups of future pillows? Maybe. Copyright Bethania Lima, 2012.
Have you seen my recent post on the trip to London? Well, those prints on the cushions for sale now were inspired on a previous trip to London, back in 2009. Here are some pics from that visit. The first images shown below were taken during a walk from Hyde Park up to the London Eye. I love that walk. On the recent trip we cycled all that way. Both ways. Delicious and a bit frightened (to cycle side by side to a double-decker bus is nothing I am familiar with, to say the least).

"Walking, Riding, Cycling", London, jul. 2009, pictures by B. Lima.
"A litlle further", London, jul. 2009, pictures by B. Lima.
"Almost there", London, jul. 2009, pictures by B. Lima.
"And there we are", London, jul. 2009, pictures by B. Lima.
Three years ago, during the above illustrated journey, we kept walking and reached the Tate Modern. Now, we didn't. But I did something I had never done before. A brave step for me. See it below.
"What a ride", London, sep. 2012, picture by London Eye photo service.
The prints on those pillows were also inspired by some pictures taken here in Santiago, on a quite urban journey back in May. Have a look here.
"Deje bajar antes de subir", Santiago, may 2012, pictures by B. Lima.
Hope you liked the cushions (the real and those I hope to have on sale in the near future) and the images.

PS: I would like to say a huge thank you to Sally, the designer behind Sarah Paris Surface Pattern Design, for this great tutorial on how to do a Pillow Mock-Up.

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  1. Great to see the original pictures, which were the inspiration of the cushions! Love the urban look!

  2. Belzinha, minha querida, realmente deslumbrantes, enviarei para contatos, e desejo SUCESSOS! Beijos bonita, sinto saudades!