Friday, 23 March 2012

Loving colour

Dropping by to show this:
Pattern template by  Danielle Macgyver Gardiner (a colourlover member) and palette by Bethania Lima (= blimblimb )

I called the palette I used above "ice creams" and here it is:
"Ice creams" colour palette, by Bethania Lima (blimblimb).

Colourlovers ( is an amazing site that I discovered because Miranda (miranda's blog) told me about it. So far I am having lots of fun with it.

The pattern below was also coloured using the palette "Ice creams". A very versatile and funny palette, don't you think?
Pattern template from Matthew Tucker (a colourlover member); palette by blimblimb (=me)
I would also like to show you another palette I made. It's called "Accessories".
Palette "accessories", by Bethania Lima (= blimblimb ).

Using that palette I coloured a pattern from ninafenech (another colourlover), that I loved. See it below:
Patterntemplate by ninafenech (a colourlover member) and colour palette by Bethania Lima(= blimblimb).

Hope you like it and if you're half crazy about colour (and pattern) as I am, go and become member of Colorlovers as well.

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  1. good study Bethania! like the icecream pallet and the tiles above!! will go back myself to colourlovers soon...

  2. Thanks blimblimb, my name is Matthew Tucker. I like your blog very much.

  3. I am Islandtile inc.

    See you in the colours!