Thursday, 22 March 2012

Katy Clemmans

Today I want to introduce you to another great designer and classmate from the SPD course (ABSPD): Katy Clemmans. Originally a successful graphic designer specialising in design for television, Katy has moved into the passionate world of surface pattern design, but still makes great wedding invitations (she even launched a range of customisable wedding stationery, see it here: WEDDINGS). Considering her bio (bio), I am sure she came to the course to brush up lots of skills she already had. Far from being a beginner like me, the work of Katy is extremely professional and beautiful, as you can see below. 
Copyright Katy Clemmans - "Lily of the Valley" pattern

Copyright Katy Clemmans - "Pixels" pattern 

Copyright Katy Clemmans - "Wild daisies" pattern 

Her imaginary comes from the beauty she finds in nature and geometric shapes alike. Look how beautifully those influences are converted into patterns into the three images above. Katy tells she “loves to doodle, play with colour, experiment with typography and mess around on the sewing machine”, then pulling “all these elements together digitally to create beautiful, contemporary patterns”, intended, as she says, “to lift your mood and lighten your day!”. I am sure you will feel it just by looking at her great works here shown.
I've been learning lots of things just from looking at the way everyone in class tackles the exercises. Katy's work is an excelent example of remarkable good abilities I want to be able to achieve soon. We’ve been stimulated to develop our own style and I believe Katy has an already well developed and gracious style of her own.  I’m sure you agree. You can find lots of more examples of great works from Katy at her lovely site: katy's site. Have a look there! If anyone is interested in commissioning or licensing her work she can be contacted via

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