Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Designers out there

Hi, friends.
Since I began the amazing course of ABSPD (http://dowhatyouloveforlife.com/pattern/), I’ve been doing lots of research. We researched a lot to go deeper into colour and into pattern. During the process I got to know many surface pattern designers, who are out there doing something they love and trying to making a living through it. I fell in love with the work of many of them.
Today I want to show you the work of one of those designers. He is already well known in the area and the fact that he is Brazilian and very successful in what he is doing makes me very proud. His name is Wagner Campelo and here is his site, written in English and Portuguese, have a look: http://www.wagnercampelo.com/
Wagner believes that surface design gives one an unlimited number of possibilities in terms of imagination and inventiveness. It gives me special pleasure to produce coordinated patterns and collections, as well as elaborating colorways for home decoration, fashion, stationary, ceramics and plastics.
Wagner was very lovely in answering my questions regarding how to begin a carrier in the SPD world. Here    are his tips:
Have a site of your own, to show works you do and services you provide. That is a good way of getting known and also works as an opportunity for potential clients to get in touch. If you haven’t got any professional work yet, publish personal projects and try to showcase realistic results (show printed fabric samples, mockups etc);
Try to find clients yourself. Go for it. You might not succeed, but try;
Have a blog on top of the site. The blog is less formal and easily updatable. In a blog you can showcase some of your work and talk about other design issues you’re interested in.

Isn’t it very kind of him to give us those tips? Are you brave enough to go and ask people’s advice without any prior introduction? I felt so brave in doing so. I got his email and asked all those questions. I was very lucky getting those sound advices.

Thank you, Wagner, for being so generous sharing your experience. And congratulations for your amazing work. We really love it!
Here are some images of Wagner’s wonderful patterns (all © Wagner Campelo):
From the bright Maracatu collection:
Maracatu Collection (C) Wagner Campelo 

“Patterns developed for TEXITURA, international magazine specializing in trends for pattern designs (fashion, decoration, stationery). Edition number 45 with trends for 2010, was launched in January 2009 at Heimtextil (Frankfurt)”:
Texitura magazine # 45 (C) Wagner Campelo 

From the inviting India Collection:
Pattern from the India Collection (C) Wagner Campelo 

From his amazing Geometrics Collections:
 Pattern from Geométricos Collection (C) Wagner Campelo
Pattern from Geométricos Collection (C) Wagner Campelo 

To see more of Wagner’s Portfolio, go here: http://www.wagnercampelo.com/portfolio_i.htm
To see products on sale over the world with his patterns, go here: http://www.wagnercampelo.com/products.htm
To see his bio, go here: http://www.wagnercampelo.com/bio.htm

Thank you, Wagner, for the tips and for allowing us to share your fantastic work.
Hope you enjoy the post, friends.

B.All images and contents, unless otherwise stated, belong to Bethania Lima. Copyright 2012. All rights reserved. Please do not use anything without permission or without making note of the origin on your blog or website


  1. Great post Bethania, wow!! really LOVE his work, and so polite, all the answers to your questions, Fab!

  2. His works are universal, keeping the regional/Brazilian richness. Thank you for sharing Wagner's colors here, Bethania!

  3. Thanks for sharing my work, Bethania.
    I hope the basic tips I mentioned are useful to someone ...

  4. Thanks for sharing, Bethania, it's very inspiring. The work on his blog on trends for 2013 is fab, too. I am going to add his blog to my (ever growing) reading list …