Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Stop and Go

Original, textured, beautiful Efuto, designed by Julie Hamilton, 2013 (front view). Copyright Julie Hamilton.
Original, textured, beautiful Efuto, designed by Julie Hamilton, 2013 (back view). Copyright Julie Hamilton.
From time to time my blog stays silent. On the blogsphere it is common. I wished I had more time. I wished English writing were easier. But none of this is true. I’ve been working a lot, uploading patterns for license/sale (more on this in another post, later) and trying to focus on building my site.

“Stop and go” is the expression that better describes how the site building is going. But it is going. And stopping. It also applies to my post frequency, doesn’t it?

Today I want to share with you the work above, a gorgeous Efuto (decorated envelope) from Julie Hamilton, the artist and pattern designer from Artistically Afflctted. The explanation of her blog title is perfect: "to be in a wonderful state of creative chaos due to an overactive imagination". I feel quite at home around that concept.

 I “met” Julie through our fantastic facebook group, that congregates more than 200 pattern designers. Julie was one of the first to welcome a bunch of us to the group and she is full of initiatives. When Gill Eggleston, from Pattern Addict, came up with the idea of the Efuto making and exchanging, that later on developed into “our” lovely The Little White Book, I believe Julie found herself in heaven. She began making lots of Efutos, and sending them to the lucky people like me. I understand why she did so. Or at least I guess I understand: it’s liberating. There’s no brief, no restrictions and it’s a delicious experiment to develop your own style. There’s nothing more liberating than playing around. It strengths the "muscles" of the brain, it liberates the imagination. And once we develop it, we can work better under any circumstance, regardless of the limits of any sort. So it’s a win-win situation and an exercise on creativity. 

In the Efuto Julie sent to me, I found a few goods to keep on the experiment, as you can see on the picture below. A lovely treasure that I will be using as soon as I can. I better stop now and go make some Efutos.

Inside the envelope, an invitation to keep the creative juices at work.
Thank you, Julie, for this sweet Efuto, a glimpse of your "wonderful state of creative chaos".

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Thank you for the lovely post Bethania! Efuto- making is fun and a quick and easy way to get creative.You know there is always a happy recipient too:) Keep your eyes open as you will be receiving another one soon (but this time from Hawaii!)

  2. Wow, Hawaii? That's exotic and unexpected. From the Canada cold to the beaches of Hawaii. Hope the mail man delivers it pretty soon, Julie.