Wednesday, 20 March 2013


"Agapanthus", print by Bethania Lima Designs, 2013.

Dear Michelle Drew, the person behind Pattern and Co, had this great idea of making flower patterns following an A to Z sequence. To read about her original project, don’t miss this post. So far, that quick lady has made A for Anemones (wow), B for Bachellor’sButton and C for chrysanthum. Yeah, I know, she's very talented indeed!

So far I’ve managed to draft A for Agapanthus (above) and B for Bougainvillea (bellow). I am trying to balance this project with all the other stuff with many other stuff, so when possible I will post a few letters more. Please, join us on this delicious exercise. Michelle suggested this reference for the AtoZ of flowers. Most of the time I intend to follow the names from there. Boungainvillea didn't appear there, and I love this colourful plant, so the reference for it you can here.

"Bougainvillea", print by Bethania Lima Designs, 2013.

I have lots of Agapanthus on my little garden and they look very special from November up to the end of January, in my spot on the south hemisphere. For Bugenvilles, however, I had always loved it, but I am afraid it’s not a reciprocal kind of love. In Curitiba, Brazil where I used to live, it took me ages to get a beautiful bugenville in bloom. Here, in Santiago, things got even harder. Although I had around eight bugenvilles planted, just four of them are slowly wanting to show some timid flowers (the small, tiny, white part. The lovely colours that we see on those plants are just different leaves, you know?). See a few around the garden shots below. As a flower lover, I am enchanted by this challenge. Thank you, Michelle!
And thank you for paying a visit.

Photographic collage with Agapanthus from my garden. Photos by Bethania Lima, 2013.
Bougainvillea from my garden, photos by Bethania Lima, 2013.

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  1. Wow, so sorry I missed these earlier but we went away for a few days...but what wonderful patterns to return home to :) I adore the Agapanthus design and the Bougainvillea print is inspiring :) As are the flowers in your garden! Thank you so much for joining in Bethania!

  2. Adorei o resultado da estampa com a Bougainvillea, Bethania!
    Você usou uma foto como referência?
    Ficou ótimo o efeito "texturizado" (ou pontilhado).

  3. Wow Bethania the Bougainvillea is adorable!