Monday, 25 February 2013


The mirror gift and the whole package of goods, designs by Bethan Janine Westran.
Here I am, back to blogging post.  I’ve been absent because of pattern making frenetic activity. I love it so much that I can’t complain. But it definitely is a very time consuming activity. I've been also playing around site making. Slowly.

Today I want to share another gift I won. This time it is from the great Bethan Janine, a fellow designer that I admire a lot. Her work is delicate, sweet, and original. I always had told her so, because there is no point in not praising and recognizing a great work. And I believe that not far from now her work will get all the public recognition it deserves. It’s top quality. Bethan Janine was part of the team of the Believe Creative Studio designers exhibiting in Indigo Paris in September 2012. See her interview here. And you know what? Her work was so good that one of her patterns was selected and exhibited in a common area during the show.  And she had a fabric selected in Spoonflower as a top 10, at least once that I know. She had many other professional accomplishments. Well,  the fact is that she sent me a little something as a Christmas gift (see above the rounded mirror and all the stationery accompanying it). Thanks to the mail, it arrived in the beginning of February, but it’s a timeless piece and I am carrying it on my handbag. I love the gift, it’s beautiful, simple, delicate. Look at the mirror, the delicate pattern at the small fabric bag that holds the mirror, the happy and well designed cards, and the handmade stamps on the envelope. Wow. But I love even more the gesture of her. The fact that she was kind enough to remember and send me a little something. How good to be remembered, you know? So simple, so good. Thank you, Bethan.  I am real lucky to have fellow designers as you to learn from!

Thank you, Bethan Janine (designs by Bethan Janine, picture by B. Lima).

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