Thursday, 31 January 2013

On Efutos and Colours

Miranda Mol's Efuto and post card, photo by B. Lima, 2013.
Just got another gorgeous Efuto (decorated envelope) from my dear sweet friend Miranda Mol, all the way from Holland. In fact, my daughter was the receiver, as a gift for her birthday. I love the colours on this Efuto and on the great post card with Miranda’s own pattern on it. If you like it as much as I do, pay her a visit at her site

Miranda Mol's patterned postcard, photo by B. Lima, 2013.
I am adding the hashtag #coloringmehappy to those pictures above to take part in Jessica Swift's new series called "Coloringmehappy" (see more about the great artist Jessica Swift and this initiative of her here, please).

Talking about Efutos, I get the impression that we are spotting a trend there and that Gill Eggleston, from Pattern Addict, was a bit of a trend setter, by creating the suspiciously gorgeous The Little White Book of Surface Pattern Designers based on a general exchange of Efutos in our group of fellow designers. I am part of this book and I am a very proud participant of the real exchange of Efuto’s that has been going on. Recently I even spot Efuto’s making and exchanging in a lovely post over here

Don't you feel in the mood of decorating your own envelopes? Grab whatever media you fancy and go ahead. It's delicious and addictive.

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  1. Girls I'm really happy this Efuto finally arrived!! Thanks for featuring xo

  2. Hey, how can I participate in this ...!