Monday, 7 January 2013

On books and gratitude

Logo of "The Little White Book of Surface Pattern Designers", created by Gill Eggleston/ 2013.

I used to read. Nowadays, I must confess, I rarely do so. With my career shift, I concentrate all  my available time on doing Surface Pattern Design and virtual get togethers with my fellow friends of the SPD world.

I participate in an amazingly vital group of surface pattern designers, and the ideas there flourish and keep me, well, away from the books. Except that one of the designers there had the idea of creating a book. Gill Eggleston (visit her here) is that designer. More over, she is an entrepreneur girl, one of those efficient, sweet and clever people that go ahead and get projects done. Gill created a book of images, a showcase of the different talents we, pattern designers from the group, have. Gill, I am so grateful for all what you’ve done. On top of being a great designer and illustrator, you’re a talent at handling projects and getting things done. You’re a multi task, unstoppable, kind of talent. Thank you!

I am so proud  to take part on this book. Its name is “The Little White Book of Surface Pattern Designers”. It’s a visual directory containing the work of many surface pattern designers, textile designers and illustrators. It’s an online resource through which we want to get our professional identity and our work out in the world. Each designer taking part on the book has its own page, featuring a virtual Efuto (decorated envelop) that  showcases the designer’s work and style. It also contains the designer data for further contact.
From the time I used to read, I keep the habit of playing with words. I would say this new book out there is a Colourful Big Book of Talents. Of course I am happy and proud of being a member of the TLWBOSPD, but I am even more proud of having friends as my dear talented friends on this group. Cheers!

Don’t forget to visit The Little White Book of Surface Pattern Designers. The sooner, the better. And help us spread the word.

The images below are from other Efutos I made while preparing my entry for Little White Book of Surface Pattern Designers. I hope you like them.
Efuto sent to Miranda Mol, copyright Bethania Lima, 2012/2013.
Efuto sent to Cara Holland, copyright Bethania Lima, 2012/2013.

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  1. Great post Bethania - thanks such a lot for the support on this! Let's hope for lots of success is visited upon us. x

  2. Lovely post Bethania! : ) -- Emine