Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy Birthday, dear friend

Front and back side of the Efuto Miranda sent to me. Efuto's art copyright: Miranda Mol, 2012/2013.

Today I want to celebrate the birthday of a huge and lovely dutch friend of mine: Miranda Mol.

We have lots of things in commom and we’re pretty the same age. We’re pattern lovers, colour passionates and I call ourselves LSH (Lady Sherlock Holmes). Because we love to look after stuff, go to the grain and solve misteries regarding the career we’ve  embraced.

I love Miranda’s joy, her constance as a friend, her always helpful presence in all the Surface Pattern Design groups and ventures we’ve taken part together. Miranda is preparing her site, to have a better professional presence on the web, and it will be on line pretty soon. So far, you can visit her blog here

I love her work too. It has a colourful, geometric, experimental character. But it also has a great drawing quality, less known. One way or another, her passion stands out and it will fly.

The first image above is from an Efuto Miranda sent me as a gift. I love all the layers of it: the hand drawn infinity-like shapes and lines that cover its front side, the cutout shape, the colour, the experimental technique of gelprint that went on its making (see it here). On the back of the envelope, I love the huge, spontaneous flower draw.

Inside the gorgeous Efuto, there were two postcards (see below) with some of Miranda’s patterns. They are so beautiful. I love both. They would make great wallpapers, fabrics, wrapping paper. 

Lovely patterns, postcards from Miranda Mol, copyright Miranda Mol, 2012/2013.

Miranda is a very talented lady and I wish her a great 2013, that she inaugurates with a new age and lots of career plans. Below you can see, my dear friend, a little ceramic bird I bought yesterday on our trip to Pomaire, a tiny ceramic craft countryside place we visited yesterday. This little creature will be flying all the way to the Netherlands, as a small gift to you. Happy Birthday!

Little ceramic bird from a local artist in Pomaine, Chile. Picture: Bethania Lima, 2013.

PS:  In case you're asking yourself, Efuto is the japanease word for a decorated envelope. Gill Eggleston, a clever and enterpreneunial surface pattern designer, whose blog, Pattern Addict, can be visited here, took the initiative of getting lots of us in an Efuto drive (see more about it here) and than started developing an international directory of surface pattern designers. To see the behind the scenes of this great initiative of hers, go here

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  1. Love the Efuto and such a great post! Really nice Bethania and Happy Birthday Miranda! :)

  2. Dear Bethania, thank you so much for this wonderful and lovely post, it is a real fab birthday surprise and present! I'm feeling very happy and honoured to be featured this way on your blog. Thanks also for your amazing friendship, I hope we continue this for years and evolve & reach both our so much desired SPD careers,let's go on dear friend xoxox