Saturday, 1 December 2012

Art Every Day Month - 30 Nov 2012

"Noite de São João" ("St. John's Eve"), copyright Bethania Lima, 2012.

Well, this post should have appeared yesterday. Better late than never.
I would like to say a huge thank you to Leah Pilken KolidasBoston-based artist  and creator of the "Art Every Day Month" project. More on the project here and here, where you can find the works of other participants. I loved this initiative of her and it has been a huge pleasure to take part on it.
I woul also like to say thank you to Deborah Velásquez, my dear classmate from the ABSPD course I always talk about, who told us about this challenge and encouraged us to take part on it.
I am also very grateful to all fellow members of this challenge. I could get to know the work of some of them and it has been a pleasure to get on this not so daily adventure on their company.
Finally, I am grateful to Jacqueline Auvigne, another classmate from the same course, who showcases the works of other fellow Surface Pattern Designers, under a 2013 patterned calendar, on her third showcase of  works. As we say good bye to November and are welcoming a new year pretty soon, nothing better than showing a calendar for 2013, don't you think?

The pattern above is my idea of a meaningful and very brazilian take on the month of June.
Thank you so much, dear reader, for following this month over here. I want to keep blogging on a more regular basis from now on.

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