Friday, 16 November 2012

Asking for votes

Vote asking again, thumbnails, copyright Bethania Lima, 2012.

Yes, again. I don’t like those popularity contests out there, but from time to time I take part in some of them, usually because the theme attracts me and also because it is a good exercise to work within a limit (theme, colour palette, deadlines). In a certain sense, taking part on contests helps building a portfolio and helps getting a foot on the real world. The bad side is that it is necessary to ask for votes and that is what I am doing here, today.
The contest this time is run by an e-company called Front Row Society. The challenge was to develop a print for a legging, based in one of the following themes: “Your Geometry or Your Tribe”. Each theme had a colour palette of its own. It was possible to mix the themes, but not the palettes. The winner will receive a cash prize (not a bad one, by the way) and the legging will be produced (what is also great, to have a real product out there, with a print of mine, wouldn’t be bad at all).
If you like any of my entries and can spare 5 minutes, it’s necessary to register in their site in order to vote. You can register by clicking on the Register bottom on the top right corner of this link. If you have already registered, just click on the links of the prints you like. A list of the links is  below.
Once you get to the print, you’ll find a voting box below the main image, on the right side. The grades vary from one (lower) to five (higher). Just click on the grade you think is a good reflection of your opinion about the print and follow on doing this for other prints, if you like a few more.

To vote for DOTTED JOY, click here
To vote for BUBBLES, click here
To vote for MODULES, click here
To vote for TRIANGLED BLOSSOMS, click here
To vote for SEMI, click here
To vote for MIXED EXPERIMENTS, click here
To vote for OP ART TRIBE, click here
To vote for FUCHSIAS, click here
To vote for PORTUGUESE_TILES, click here
To vote for QUILTING, click here
To vote for HANDS ON, click here

Thank you very much indeed. Thank you for stopping by.

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  1. All your entries are so great, wonderful designs! Really hope we can make the top 5!!!

  2. Good luck. Have done some voting.