Sunday, 4 November 2012

Art Every Day Month: 04-Nov-12

"Trees", copyright Bethania Lima, 2012.

"Trees". Gelatin printed stencils, digitally manipulated.
"Art Every Day Month" is a challenge created and hosted by Leah Pilken Kolidas, an artist based on Boston. More on the project here.
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  1. Wonderful new gelprint, looove the colours!!!

  2. These gelprints look like fun. Might need to check out.

  3. I love those colours together... they always look fresh and crisp... the design is really rhythmic as well... xx

  4. Qué resultados tan bonitos consigues con la impresión con gel! Una nueva técnica que desconozco y de la que me encantará saber más.
    Seguiré vuestro mes de creaciones artísticas con interés; es un gran reto llevarlo a cabo!