Tuesday, 6 November 2012

AEDM: 06-Nov-2012

"Arranjo de flor", copyright Bethania Lima, 2012.

"Ordered chaos", copyright Bethania Lima, 2012.

Welcome, back.
Maybe because my table is a mess and everything that yesterday was on top of it, still is there. Or maybe because I had no other idea. Anyway, today I am showing another mix of cutouts from my already old sheet of gelatin printed paper combined with line drawings, glue and some photoshop manipulation.

I think tomorrow I will clean my table.

"Art Every Day Month" is a challenge created and hosted by 
Leah Pilken Kolidas, an artist based on Boston. More on the project here and here, where you can find the works of other participants.

Thank you for paying a visit.

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  1. lovely work has emerged from the chaos... that top work has great balance... xx

  2. Lovely work, a real style is coming through more strongly.