Sunday, 9 September 2012

Lucky lady

"Yo no creo en las brujas, pero que las hay, las hay"
It's a famous saying in Spanish, telling, in a charming way, well, that we may not know all that are out there between earth and sky. Luck is one of those mysterious issues. Rest assured, I am not going on a long philosophical story over here. This is just my way of introduction to show you how lucky I am. Essential examples: health and love. And than those small happy events of now and then: remember that I won a giveaway my dear classmate Virginia Kamau had on her blog? Yes, I won a beautiful kiwi tea-towel with her lovely pattern. 
"Kiwi" pattern  copyright  Virginia Kamau
Afterwards, I just liked a page on Facebook, The Art of Bespoke, and, well, won the great cushion (Dahlia) from the great English designer Imogen Heath. I love home decor, by the way. See the cushion properly photographed here on her site, and below, with my four-legged always hungry actress nearby. 

Cushion photographed on a great chair (I won the chair too!).  Pattern copyright Imogen Heath 

Cushion pattern copyright Imogen Heath. Lipi is the name of the  four-legged gorgeous actress.
Do you know the story of that pattern? Have a look here. I loved it, because it says a lot about a spontaneous way of creating, my dream way of working. And next, do you know the traditional story: "my sister (brother, husband, etc, fit as convenient) went to the USA (Europe, Brazil, so on and so far) and all I got was this lousy T-shirt?" Well, in fact my sister went to the USA and I got those amazingly beautiful page flags pictured below. Aren’t they gorgeous?

"The Marya Collection",  copyright  Girl of All Work (link)

I wished I had done each of those patterns: the kiwi, the dahlia, and those vintage patterned page flags. But I am happy to have won all of them and, most of all, to keep working on doing things that I love and that, one day, if I keep being lucky, may cover surfaces and embellish other's people lucky gifts. 

Enjoy your sunday. Here it's blue and beautiful.

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  1. Wonderful post Bethania, very beautiful'm lucky too looking forward to next week, meeting you and many other classmates in Paris xx can't wait....

    1. Thank, dear Miranda. Yeah, paris, here we go...