Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Valparaíso - Chile on a lovely winter afternoon

A vintage view

Antiques stand

Keys, shapes, patterns

Lift Artilleria's engine part

A view from the lift

Layers down the hill

So typical 1

So typical 2

Chilean roots 1

Chilean roots 2

So typical 3

 Windows and lovely colours1

Valparaíso: on the wall 1

 Windows and lovely colours2

Corners of the Pacific

Valparaíso: on the wall 2

Valparaíso's patterns 1

Valparaíso's patterns 2

Valparaíso's fair play

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  1. Lovely winter it is. It looks so jolly to be a winter!

  2. Muito bonitas, parabéns pela lente artística.

  3. uau! que lindas fotos, vc nasceu pra fotografar!
    bj, Alda

  4. Betha

    Lindas fotos. Assim nasce uma artista!!! bjs Jorge Farias

  5. An inspiration to all of us!! beautiful Tia... Beijos Anninha