Sunday, 3 June 2012

Blog Hop Day

Hi/ Oi,
welcome to Blog Hop day, organized by Claire Smillie (the blog hop began at her site, link here). If you want, you can go there and begin from the beginning, if you haven't done so yet. If you're already in the blog hop, you may be joining me from Evelyn's blog (link here), a new lovely one, featuring her sweet designs. Hope you have liked it so far.
Bem vindo(a) à "virada bloguiana", organizada por Claire Smillie (a virada começou no blog dela, link aqui). Se vc quiser, pode ir lá e começar do começo, se é que ainda não o fez. Se você já está na virada, deve ter visto o blog novinho em folha da Evelyn (link aqui), apresentando seus designs super amorosos. Espero que tenha curtido até aqui.

Because today is sunday, a lovely day to stay around in pijamas, just relaxing and enjoying the day, I prepared a bunch of "fresh cut" pattern flowers to receive you here. Hope you enjoy them.
Porque hoje é domingo, um dia bem legal pra ficar por aí, relaxando de pijama e curtindo o dia, preparei um buquê de "recém colhidas" padronagens florais para recebê-lo(a). Espero que as aprecie.

"Pop flowers", from the Sunday Flowers Collection, copyright Bethania Lima, 2012
"Pop flowers", da Coleção Sunday Flowers, copyright Bethania Lima, 2012

"Desert flowers", from the Sunday Flowers Collection, copyright Bethania Lima, 2012
"Desert flowers", da Coleção Sunday Flowers, copyright Bethania Lima, 2012

"Swirling flowers", from the Sunday Flowers Collection, copyright Bethania Lima, 2012
" Swirling flowers", da Coleção Sunday Flowers, copyright Bethania Lima, 2012

Those patterns, and many more, have been developed during the amazing ABSPD course (link here), with Rachael Taylor and Beth Nicholson. It made a huge difference in my career and I emphatically recomend it. Thank you, Rachael, Beth and all the supportive classmates and friends.
Esses e muitos outros patterns foram desenvolvidos durante o maravilhoso curso ABSPD (link aqui), com Rachael Taylor e Beth Nicholson. Fez uma enorme diferença na minha carreira e o recomendo enfaticamente. Obrigada Rachael, Beth e todas minhas solidárias colegas e amigas.

Thank you very much for dropping by. If you get any interest in knowing more about my work as a Surface Pattern Designer, leave a comment and I'll contact you back.
Obrigada a vc por ter vindo prestigiar a virada bloguinana. Se tiver algum interesse em conhecer um pouco mais sobre o meu trabalho como Surface Pattern Designer, deixe um comentário e entrarei em contato.

Hope you have a lovely Sunday and now have a look at Miranda's blog (link here). She's a marvellous dutch friend and a great emerging talent. 
Desejo-lhe um ótimo domingo e agora dê uma olhada no blog da Miranda (link aqui). Ela é uma maravilhosa amiga holandesa e um grande talento emergente.

All images and contents, unless otherwise stated, belong to Bethania Lima. Copyright 2012. All rights reserved. Please do not use anything without permission or without making note of the origin on your blog or website


  1. Hi Bethania, nice post and lovely designs. I'm a big fan ;D

  2. Bethania I *totally* love this collection, 'swirling flowers' looks amazing and love the shape of 'pop flowers'.

  3. Bethania: I love your work... beautiful designs and lovely color palette... Great job my dear, keep up your fantastic work and your positive spirit.
    See you in Paris!
    Rosie Martinez-Dekker

  4. Nothing better than sitting in pyjamas and looking at your fantastic "bunch of flowers" You have designed a fabulous bouquet :)

  5. You just keep going from strength to strength Bethania! Your work is lovely and you are such a supportive classmate...its been great working alongside you :) Mel x

  6. Bethania, lovely 'Sunday Flowers' collection. Nicely done, as always!!!

  7. Bem legal a ideia da Claire, Bethania.
    Visitei todos os blogs, e o que achei mais interessante é que a maioria das designers (senão todas) faz os desenhos a mão-livre!

  8. Lovely post Bethania, as allways.... And love the flower bunch you mad, specially the Desert Flowers, hope you will creat more of them!!!
    Thanks for all the lovely support too, my dear friend xxx
    ps. yes, I don't come out of my pyama today, soooooo busy ;-)))

  9. a fabulous blog. And amazing designs. x

  10. Bethania - thank you for the lovely Sunday flowers! Such beautiful designs.

  11. Hi Bethania, lovely work! It's raining like mad in Germany and I actually sit here in my pyjamas, enjoying your Sunday Flowers :-) Love them all, especially the "Pop flowers"!

  12. Beautiful! Love your soft tones and colour palettes.

  13. Beautiful work,Bethania!!!
    Very inspiring for this special Sunday morning!
    I loved your Sunday Flowers Collection :)
    Thank you for your support. xx

  14. Fantastic collection name, Sunday Flowers! The colors are alluring, really nice work Bethania. My favorite is swirling flowers. I look forward to seeing new work as it's revealed & I know that exciting opportunities are ahead for you. Peace & blessings to you.

  15. I love the delicate hand-drawn quality of your designs and your color palettes..very distinctive! = )

  16. Awesome designs!!! I love them!

  17. Well, friends, thank you all very much for those kind and supportive words. It made my day!

  18. Took me a while to get my eyes off the pop flower-Such yummy colors and the motifs with the collection just tops it up! Please make a swatch of it soon!

  19. As always, your work is lovely. I have enjoyed seeing everything you have designed in the course!

  20. I love the Swirling Flowers pattern! Such beautiful work!

  21. Great work Bethania! I love the "Pop Flowers".

    Lauren x

  22. Another thank you very much, dear ladies.