Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The postman brought kiwi from Karlskrona!

If you participate in every giveaway you see in front of you, one day you’re going to win something. Simple. Just a probability issue. So luck came in my way not because I won a giveaway sometime ago, but because I won this giveaway offered in Virginia Kamau’s blog (blog), my e-friend and e-classmate on the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design, here, the great e-course that I am always talking about (and that unfortunately is ending this week).

Today was the day the postman delivered the little lovely package, with great Sweden stamps (Karlskrona is the island in Sweden where Virginia lives) and my new precious tea towel. 

The gorgeous surface pattern design is from Virginia. It’s beautiful, joyful and marvelously print (you can even see the layers). Have a look.

You can see lots of others lovely patterns from Virginia on her site (here). I own her a proper post about her great patterns, but, you know, I’ve been busy with the course and it will take me sometime before I can come blogging regularly again.

So far, thank you Virginia for the cheerful gift.

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