Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Veronica Galbraith

Copyright Veronica Galbraith 2012 -  "Bright side" pattern

The top image is a pattern from Veronica Galbraith, a multi-task lady. Besides being a great student of the ABSPD course (http://dowhatyouloveforlife.com/pattern/), where we met, she is very prolific in her work as a SPD and webdesigner. This Colombian lady did her degree in Colombia, trying, during that time, various types of design (graphics, fashion, jewellery, furniture, packaging etc).  If you add to that the fact that she was born in a “family of architects, designers and painters”, it might explain why her designs stand out with freshness, personality, certain geometry and a great sense of space and colour. 
I make delicious soufflés. What’s the connection? Everybody, but specially children, are curious enough to learn from everyone and from almost anything. I loved the consistency, the flavours, the aroma, the taste of the soufflès that were made at home when I was a child. Although not realizing at the time, I watched them being made and learned by observing. When I went to live on my own I discovered that I was uncapable of making feijão (baked beans), but I wanted to eat soufflé and did know how to make it. This digression has a point: Veronica tells that “Since I was very little I knew I wanted to do something creative for the rest of my life. I used to spend many afternoons sitting next to my mum at her drawing table, designing everything from fashion collections to blocks of flats with very detailed interiors!”. She knew the taste and learned to do it. Bingo! Hope one day great neuroscientists such as the portuguese Antonio Damásio (wikipedia link) go deep into understanding the mechanisms that connect emotions and learning, translating the findings into understandable language. It’s such a great theme, don’t you think?
Copyright Veronica Galbraith - "Eye candy" pattern
I love Veronica's style, a mix of geometry, high design capabilities and great use of colour. As I introduce my readers to my classmates’ work, I must clarify that the criteria to show their work is taste. My taste, I mean. As I like most of my classmates’ works, those posts could go on for a long time… Today is no exception. Vero’s works are so expressive, so full of energy and cleverness. Here are some more images of her patterns. Enjoy it.
Copyright Veronica Galbraith - "Dazzling midnight" pattern

Copyright Veronica Galbraith - "Jolly blooms" pattern

To see Veronica's profile, lots of works of her ( for instance, have a look at the whole collection of patterns she did for the "Bright side" pattern, it's amazing) and her great abilities as a web designer, visit her site here (site). Veronica's works are available for licensing/comission, see details on her site too. She now lives in England, with her husband and two boys. Hope you like this soufflé, I mean, those patterns and this post!

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