Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Today I would like to say thank you to a bunch of people who have been supporting me and my work.
To begin with I would like to say thank you to Racahael Taylor and Beth Nicholson, who created the ABSPD course (http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e5c2q80h422b5737&llr=gbcitlhab), through which I could begin to develop a passion of mine in a more stuctured and planned way.
I would also like to say thank you to my friends and classmates from that course. We made a lovely and very supportive group and it is a pleasure to be part of it. Without their support I couldn't have done most of the work I have been doing in the last 2 months. To give a face to that abstraction that is a group, I'd like to say thank you specifically to Deborah (http://deborahvelasquez.blogspot.com/), Dee (http://notarehearsal.wordpress.com/) Jacqueline (http://colourbookstudio.wordpress.com/), Miranda Mol (http://mirandamol.blogspot.com/), Phyllida (http://phyllidacoroneo.blogspot.com/), Virginia (http://www.virginiakamau.blogspot.com/). The list doesn't end here. I should go on a bigger list, but I decided to list just an estatistic sample of the group.
Gabriel, Carolina and mom (and my loved father, who isn't among us anymore), have always supported me on all levels, so their essential. Thank you.
Friends like Eliane Lamb (whose blog is on the way, isn't it?) are also essential.
The support of all of them made lots of things possible, but today I want to acknowledge their participation into one simple fact: have a small work of mine featured on the great Print Pattern blog (http://printpattern.blogspot.com/), of  Marie Perkins. That is something that I feel very proud of.
It's time to say thank you very much to Marie too. Thank you for featuring us and thank you for running such an inspirational blog.
Have a look here (http://printpattern.blogspot.com/2012/01/student-course-work-part-2.html).
Thank you all.


  1. O my God lord you touched me so deeply, that I have to get back here after taking a deep breath!

  2. Congratulations for being featured! "See" you in class …

  3. Bethania that's such a nice thing to say. I was going to e-maill you as I was so pleased for you when you work was posted on Print and Pattern. Keep it up and gosh your pins on Pinterest they are great and keep me going:-)

  4. Hi Bethania, it's great your blog! Tomorrow I'll make my blog. jacqueline is going to help me by chat!!