Friday, 2 November 2012

Challeging myself

I am a stronger believer in the "learning by doing"process. So, I took the plunge and commited myself to a project called "Art Every Day Month".
I got to know about it through dear Deborah Velásquez, a classmate from the first group of our very inspiring course ABSPD.
"Art Every Day Month" is a challenge created and hosted by Leah Pilken Kolidas, an artist based on Boston. More on the project here.
I loved the broad meaning of the art term and the rules to be broken approach. So I don't feel so obliged and just will make a try. I will also try to make short posts everyday, showing the "art" I made, probably with very few explanations or text, to make it smooth and quick.
Hope you follow my journey here. Thank you for stopping by.

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