Thursday, 9 May 2013


Parallel Universes, copyright Bethania Lima, 2013.

I have been out of the blogsphere because I am concentrated on trying to make my site.
I am coming back to post, out of a sudden, just to share my joy of being selected as one of the top 100 designers whose work was picked up between 750 to go to the next stage of Fabric8 contest on this weeks’ Spoonflower contest. For me it means a lot, because that first selection was professionally based.

My entry is the top image. The theme was a real difficult one, Geek Chic. Parallel Universes is a personal take on the proposed Geek Chic theme of  the Kaufman+Spoonflower's contest. An elegant and restricted colour palette apllied to patchworked slightly geometric universes. 
When I think of geek the idea of a well developed domain of mathematics, physics and astronomy comes to my mind. It reminds me of Big Bang Theory and of the atomic era. 
When I think of chic it recalls me elegance, aesthetic, delicacy.
When I added the idea of fabric to the whole equation, a certain 50 retro feeling came to my mind, so I developed this simple and yet meaningful concept of parallel universes.

If you like it, you can vote for it here. It’s really a bit tricky to vote. There are 100 designs there to be picked and you have to go through all the seven pages, selecting the prints you like. After that, you’ll be taken to a confirmation page, to finally finish voting. So, if you are really in the mood of going through all that trouble, your vote is most welcomed.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and stay tuned for the upcoming site. It is taking longer than expected, but regardless of the trouble, I am having a lot of fun!

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